Monday, June 29, 2009

Here's where Luis was chipper/chopping on Saturday - under the evergreens next to the driveway. The exact place where the interloper was spotted. Yikes!!
Monday, June 29, 2009 - Okay, so I was minding my own business (as usual) while I was walking down the driveway to pick up the newspapers at approximately 6:30 a.m. this morning. After we finished the work on pruning the honeysuckle bushes on Saturday (still more to do), I picked up everything we had used, so WHAT was that thing under the trees this morning???

While stopped in my tracks, I peered into the darkness under the trees and squinted my eyes and looked some more when horror of horrors, I realized that I was looking at a SKUNK with his tail in combat mode. At first, I thought he was a porcupine. No, it was a skunk. All black and white and skunky.

Well, that scared me awake. My adrenaline was coursing through my veins at a very fast rate. Maybe that helped my low blood pressure go a little higher? hmmmm

Anywho, I looked around and considered the classic "flight or fight" response. Fight, no. Flight, yes. But since it was so early and it's a holiday week, no one was awake yet. What to do? What to do? Remembering to NOT ever get anywhere near a wild (and smelly) animal, I walked to where the papers were lying and picked them up. My heart rate, I'm sure, was around 200 beats per second.

As I walked slowly back toward the house, the little stinker took off toward the driveway. OH NO!! He squeezed his scary little smelly body between the slats and went UNDER the deck. oh boy! Now, I can't ever go outside again. Yikes!!!

Don't mind the foxes -- they don't spray people with foul smelling poison. When they see a person, they run fast in the other direction.

Don't mind the raccoons -- they're too dumb to do anything.

Skunks, on the other hand, I DO NOT LIKE. I'm pretty sure, they have no natural predators. Who in their right mind would want to get near them???? Maybe the coyotes? Okay, then if that's the case, I have a new respect for the coyotes.

Better go. Just writing this is making me woozy. And it totally creeps me out. Wild life in the country just keeps getting weirder and weirder. byebye, djb

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here's what the sky looked like Thursday evening - threatening for a while and then it all went away.
Saturday, June 27, 2009 - We're having Luis here today to finish pruning the honeysuckle bushes. He's bringing a buddy who's going to be doing chipper, chopping and shredding the stuff. It's not going to be as hot as it has been.

Last night, I realized that it's been four years since Grandma Burkholder died in the very tragic and horrible car accident. It speaks to my theory that time means nothing because at times it seems longer than that -- other times, it seems like yesterday.

Gotta go. bye, djb

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Peace Rose that was NOT eaten by the deer. Hard to believe they missed this one. It's so gorgeous in person.
Thursday, June 25, 2009 - Hey, only 6 more months until Christmas! That's funny. Have you done your shopping yet? Have you made your list? Did you check it twice?

Yesterday, when our air conditioner would NOT work, we found out that the condenser has cooled its last room. Therefore, we have no a/c in our house. Right before the a/c technician came to FIX it (sigh......), the temperature outside was 90 degrees. BUT, the temperature inside was 91 degrees. Holy moley!!! That's hot. Thank God, we have the swimming pool.

Julie came over in the afternoon and then Chad swung by for a dip in the pool. We had such a great time. It was like the good old days. The pool is around 84 degrees which cools a person off - refreshing but not freezing. So very, very nice.

I want mow the back yard but it's hot out there -- though not nearly as hot as yesterday (high of 96) but pretty darn warm. The front is already finished -- was able to do that earlier this morning. The only reason I want to get it done is that they keep yakking about possible thunderstorms. We finally have summer so no one had better complain about the heat!! okay?

Gotta go check on my situation. See ya later, djb

Saturday, June 20, 2009

George C. Berg, CWO 2 (Ret)
Saturday, June 20, 2009 - Granny sent me Uncle George's obituary so I copied and pasted it here along with the pictures that Debbie sent to my dad and mom. I think it's only right to have it in one of my journals. After all, he was my dad's brother and one of the few people who knew George all his life. Interesting thought, isn't it. God bless, Uncle George. later, djb

George C. Berg was born October 30, 1925 to Sadie Vesta Berg and George Burton Berg in Rochelle Ill, went to be with the Lord on June 19, 2009. George graduated from Alden Community High School in Alden, Ill. He enlisted in the USAir Force on December 17, 1943. He left the service on January 9, 1946 After spending time picking strawberries for 5 cents a basket he re-enlisted in the Air Force on August 13, 1946. During World War II he served with the 504th Bomber Group in the Asiatic- Pacific as a tail gunner on a B-29. He also served overseas in Tinian Island, Panama, Japan and the Philippines. During his military service in the states he was stationed in Bellingham, Washington, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Orlando, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida where after 20 years of service he retired July 31, 1964.

During his military service he received the following decorations and awards. Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with two oak leaf clusters, AF Presidential Unit Citation, USAAF Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, Asia-Pacific Medal, World II Victory Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award with four bronze oak leaf clusters, United Nations Service Medal, Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster, Silver Battle Star, Good Conduct Knots, Chief Warrant Officer (CWO2) Shoulder Boards, Silver Bullion Aircrew Wings, Silver Bullion Missile Maintenance Badge and B29 Pin.

His standard of conduct and leadership provided an excellent example for those who were associated with him during his military career and for his family.

He met Helen L. Wittman in Bellingham where they were married August 4, 1950. They had four children. He enjoyed RVing with his family, gardening, barbequing, boating and spending time with his friends at the St. Augustine Yacht club where he was Assistant Commodore for many years. He went back to school after he retired and obtained a BA in Business specializing in Real Estate.

George faced many health challenges but always had a positive outlook never complaining. He was on dialysis for 5 years before receiving a kidney transplant 15 years ago. We are grateful to the family who gave us the gift of our father for an additional 15 years. It was always a joke that the only working body part he had was his kidney and it wasn’t even his. He and his wife enjoyed many hobbies including bonsai plants and at one time had over 150 plants. They loved working with stained glass. He was always puttering around in a garden. He always loved to have a “Project” going which most likely involved others and as his health started to fail he became a wonderful “Supervisor”. When the supervisor spoke you listened. He taught us many things that will be passed on to his grand and great-grandchildren. He always gave his time and support to his children and grandchildren. He always had a smile and a wonderful sense of humor.

He eagerly looked forward to the reunions with the 504th bomb group. They had a special bond with each other.

George was preceded in death by his parents Sadie and George and his brothers Russell and Everett Berg.

He is survived by his wife Helen of Greenacres WA, son Donald (m.Cathleen) Berg of Mocksville NC, daughters Georgene (m.William) Weber of Missoula MT, Kristene Walker of Middleburg Fl, Debra Whaley of Greenacres, WA. brother Gale (mMary Ellen) Berg of FL and sister Gladys Erickson of Ill, numerous cousins, nieces and nephews. Grandchildren Brian Berg, Mark (m.Caroline) Berg, Matthew (m.Kelly) Berg, Daniel Berg, Brent (m.Christine) Weber, Brett (m.Amber) Weber ,Brandi Weber, Eric(m.Suzanne) Walker, Jonathan (m.Charity) Whaley, Rebecca (m.Craig Barrans) Genne’. Great grandchildren: Collin, Abigail and Caiden Berg, Connor Berg, Alexis and Elizabeth Weber, Victoria and William Weber, Austin, Lane and Jace Whaley, Cora, Gage and Hunter Genne’

A Memorial will be held at 11:00 AM on Wednesday June 24, 2009 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 23515 E. Boone, Liberty Lake, WA. Arrangements are being made by Spokane Cremation & Burial Service at 2832 North Ruby, Spokane, WA.

In lieu of flowers please send contributions in memory of George C. Berg to the University of Florida Foundation –Nephrology Transplant Fund, P.O. Box 100243, Gainesville, Fl 32610-0243

Friday, June 19, 2009

This was an old, hard to see photo but it has all five Berg kids in it. Left to right: Everett, George, Gale, Gladys and Russell. Not sure of the year but I bet my dad remembers!
Friday, June19, 2009 - This morning, Granny called to tell me that Uncle George died at 2:00 a.m. this morning, PDT. He was perfectly lucid until the very end. Isn't that simply amazing! It was just like he closed his eyes and went to sleep. God bless him. And Uncle George, if you read this, "Say hi to the boys!"

We live so far away from them. They're actually fairly close to where Dr. Nick moved. Too bad I have never able to visit them in Washington. It sounds like they have quite a busy household, what with the canning and freezing fruits and vegetables. They did not just sit around - ever.

We're all concerned about Aunt Helen, though. When she and Uncle George and Debbie came to Grandpa and Granny's 60th wedding anniversary in 2007, she still remembered me ("where's Donna?", she asked) and she remembered that I had lost my two boys. It was getting hard for her to remember anything for very long, but she remembered that. It was a mother's intense empathy for another mother. It touched my heart in a sweet and profound way. God bless her, too.

In fact, God bless all of my cousins, Debbie, Kris, Genie and Don and their families. I'm so sorry for their loss. Because their loss is our loss. It is sad.

I can't get it to put a picture in here right now, so I'm going to sign off because more storms are coming! I did put the pictures that I have of Uncle George on my website. Some of them have never been seen for decades -- they were in an old album. later, djb

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This sweetly precocious daylily looks similar to others in my garden, however, this innocent flower was severed from his stem by a stalker! A not so dear deer. Wait a minute, I have proof of the dastardly deed in the other photo (below).

Here's the scene of the crime. Notice the empty stem and the missing flower on the left. Hopefully, he doesn't come back and eat the other one on the right. Those pesky critters!!
Thursday, June 18, 2009 - Hard to believe but we had a few hours of sun yesterday afternoon. This morning, I woke up to thunder and heavy rain. When I went outside to check on my flowers, I saw the lightning. Thankfully, it didn't strike me or I wouldn't be writing these words. When it abated a little bit, I walked out in the rain and got the newspapers.

Last night, when I was chatting with Granny, she mentioned that a nasty looking storm system was headed our way, but I "pooh-poohed" her. Sorry, Gran!! Apparently, the weather forecast I heard was WRONG. They change it on a whim anyway. All I know is it rains, it pours and it never ends...

MORE seriously bad weather is headed our way. This time, I'm going to have to retrieve Jarrett's yellow helmet for protection from impending disaster and possible stormage. We haven't had too many actual Severe Weather Alerts this tornado season but after seeing what happened up in Minnesota, I've been warned.

Oh great, I just heard (8:21 a.m.) that some very, very bad weather is headed our way! yikes!

Before I go, I have to explain about the flower up above. As I was walking out to get my papers yesterday morning, I noticed that this daylily flower was laying on the grass. I'd seen it just starting to come out the day before. Because of all the rain, the flower hasn't wilted and looks surprisingly good for having been bitten off the stem and spit out onto the grass by a wandering deer.

Apparently, he confused it with a rose. Hey, they both LOOK colorful. The reason the critters don't care for the lilies is that they're part of the allium family which includes garlic and onions. Interesting situation, I'd say.

Better go and check on the weather. Now, I just heard that it's coming back TONIGHT. Hmm, better make sure my flashlights have batteries. Stay dry. See ya later, djb

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here's one of the red poppies up close and personal. They're so gorgeous.
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 - We had two days of perfect, summer weather -- meaning that the temperature was between 78 and 82 degrees. woo hoo!! Bob took off from work yesterday and played golf because you know what they say -- Play Golf While the Sun Shines.

Because of all the rain we've been having, the grass has been growing like a weed. Yesterday, Juanita Querida got quite a workout. It might be time to change her oil but not today since it's going to RAIN later this afternoon, it's going to rain tonight, tomorrow, the next day......

This is the weirdest, coldest, ugliest, nastiest, rudest, COLDEST, wettest, worst spring we've EVER had. Although I will have to say that the grass is gorgeous and green -- the flowers and shrubs have exploded in a growing frenzy. I'm making plans (in my mind, right now) to completely get rid of the overgrown garden because it's so full of weeds and I'm not sure who or WHAT is living in there?!

This is definitely a job for real lawn care professionals -- the ones who have a chipper/chopper/shredder and maybe even a machete. Sad to say, it has to go sooner rather than later. That is, if it EVER STOPS RAINING. Yes, I am shouting. There's only so much a person can do in two day spurts. Two nice days, rain for five days, two nice days, rain for six days. It's so annoying.

Yesterday, I was so happy because it was warm and sunny. It was wonderful. Today, overcast, cold and downright depressing. Enough of the whining -- I've got to go and take care of some business. Plus, I want to check the weather page. see ya later, djb

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here's the first of the colorful daylilies to come out in the front flower bed.
Sunday, June 14, 2009 - We're finally getting warmer weather and sunshine. That is not a misprint!!! For the next TWO days, we're going to have normal weather. Then, of course, it's going to rain for the next TWENTY days. haha Not really, but it seems like it is.

This morning, when I went out to get the paper, I was pleasantly surprised to see my first daylily. That's not entirely true -- I did see a couple of yellow ones out back a couple of days ago. But this is the first one in my big flower garden. Now, they'll all start coming out and it'll be a blast of beautiful lilies every day for the rest of the season (notice I didn't say summer!!).

Better go take care of business. There's so much to do when it's nice outside. Plus, a person feels very happy to finally see the SUN. later, djb

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peace Rose (June 12th) - it was just getting ready to open up today...
Saturday, June 13, 2009 -
It's raining, it's pouring -- Bob, I'm sure is snoring because it's only 8:22 a.m. haha Anywho, this morning when I went out between rainstorms to get the papers, I noticed that the peace rose pictured above was GONE. Once again, a deer has eaten my rose. Personally, I haven't seen the deer around this summer but last night, we were talking to Steve and Cathy (who live across the street - near the woods) and they commented on seeing 10 deer in their yard the other day. Not an unusual occurrence.

Once again, I didn't put baby powder on the rose because we were going to have thunderstorms and rain last night, which would've washed it off anyway. What a bummer. I should just put one of those silk roses out there and pretend that it's real. For sure.

I'm changing things around on here for no particular reason....probably because I can. haha bye, djb

Friday, June 12, 2009

Here's my pink poppy that came out the other day. It's so different from the orangey-red ones. Very exciting to see it come up every year.

Friday, June 12, 2009 - I'm going to make one of these blogger blogs my personal news, and the other one will be about reminiscing -- whether it's about Andrew and Jarrett or old time family business - like the black and white pictures. Some days, I can't wait for the andrew-jarrett website to go through its motions. It acts like it's stuck in the mud.

Better go. Have to vacuum the outdoor carpet. bye for now, djb

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here's Jarrett in his sleeping bag totally "posing" for the picture. His expression is so darn cute.

Thursday, June 11, 2009 -
I'm having a hard time during the day trying to update my andrew-jarrett website, so I'll just put stuff on here and if you find it, you're smarter than most people. haha!! There must be a LOT of people using the www now that school's out for the summer.

Yesterday, we were supposed to have rain and it didn't rain -- earlier in the week today was forecast to be nice and sunny but it's raining. If this doesn't stop soon, I'm going to start building an ark. It's ridiculous!!! Sixty degrees here and 90 degrees in Florida. Could we please have some of your heat and humidity, please?!

The water in the swimming pool has finally gotten clear as it can possibly be. Too bad the last known water temp was 68 degrees. Can you say brrrrrrrrrrrr? There is no way I'll get in there until it's 80 so I may be waiting for a long, long time.

When I went to Farm and Fleet on Sunday, I bought one of those upside down tomato planters. I wonder if it'll work for me?? hmmm Never seen them before but they say you can't overwater which is good for me, but you can "underwater" so I'll have to make sure I water it today. If I were really a good blogger, I'd go out and take a picture of it but my picture library is even slower than it usually is and that's annoying.

Better go and do some stuff. Now, that we've had so much more rain, the mosquitoes have returned. It's always something...... See ya later, djb

P.S. I'm still learning how to do this thing -- it's confusing sometimes -- especially the color of the print.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Here's a picture of Andrew & Jarrett's grave yesterday. Their trees are almost the same height. Those perennial geraniums in the middle are out of control. I love them.

Monday, June 8, 2009 - We had a really LOUD thunderstorm last night around 3 a.m. I knew that the storm clouds were huge because the thunder echoed, and as we have all learned from Tommy Skilling, that means 50,000 feet tall at least. Is that right? Sounds pretty high up - around 10 miles. Could be. Anywho, this morning, there was 1-3/4 inch of rain in the gauge. WOW! Plus, the rain finished filling up the swimming pool so I don't have to do it. Thank you!

Here's a closer up view of the geraniums (June 7, 2009). I'm sure the heavy rain last night, whacked them down and mushed them. They'll bounce back....I hope.

For some reason, I've always had trouble when I try to put more than one picture on this blogger blog. So, I'm trying it again for no good reason because no one will read this page anyway but that won't stop me. ha!

Better go do some stuff just in case the electricity goes off again. That's always a crazy occurrence because EVERYTHING in our house needs electricity....even the water because we have the pump that goes to the well. Yeah, we're country folk. see ya later, djb