Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here we all are at the 50th festivities. At least, in this picture, I didn't cut off Bob or Uncle Ron. I remember that we told Andrew and Jarrett they had to dress up but to them dressing up meant something completely different than it did to us. Since we were in Florida, I bought them some dark blue shorts. Of course, they are dressed formally because they have ties on, although, Jarrett has on sandals and Andrew has on his tennis shoes. It's fun to see them in this picture because they always had a good time in Florida. For one reason, you can wear shorts in the winter time and no one thinks you're weird. all righty, see ya later, djb

It's only 4 degrees. I was able to get most of my pages up on my other website, but it's nice to have a back-up because I am having some problems with my linkage. It's just annoying.

The other day, I saw this photo as I was going through my pictures and wanted to put it on here for
Valentine's Day. This was last year when Bryar was over here, and I had some hearts left over and she wanted to stick one on her forehead so I could take a picture. What a hoot! What a cutie!

As I said before, it's very cold. I haven't even gone outside to get the newspapers yet. I'm waiting for it to "warm up" a bit. Bergy and Avis are in Florida at Berg's house where it was around 82 degrees yesterday (my perfect temperature). They were enjoying it VERY MUCH. Someone asked me if I was jealous - heck no, at least I know a few people in my family who are not FREEZING. I remember how nice it was at Christmas to just be able to walk around the block. so nice.

I'd better go out and get my papers before they get frozen (haha). see ya later, djb

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I like this picture because it looks like Andrew and Jarrett as I remember them - except for the fact that Jarrett has glasses on. When he died, he had contacts. We went in to the eye doctor's office in 2001 and Andrew was able to get contacts, but Jarrett had a weird reaction to the contacts in his eyes. He actually fainted for a short time in the chair. It has a name - I can't remember. But then the next year we went in and he got his contacts and didn't faint. I can't remember what it's called. Let me go look. It was called vasovagal syncope. WOW! It was so weird. They put the trial contacts in his eyes and he passed out. I totally freaked as you can well imagine. Jarrett said, "I do NOT want contacts." But then he agreed to try it the next year. I wore contacts for 18 years, isn't that interesting? Yes. Coincidentally, when I was pregnant with Andrew my eyesight got very weird. Of course, I was 38 year old, so - duh! That's what happens. I'm working to get my other website ( back up and running - but until then, I'm here. Have a nice day. Enjoy your life. I'll do the best I can. see ya later, djb

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here are Kylie and Kenneth hugging each other up at the 50th anniversary party for Ted and Vada in Minneapolis. It was so much fun. They were so young and cute. Let me see if I can figure out how old Kylie is. Hmmm, I think about 5 years old. What a couple of cuties. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day. bye, djb

Andrew must have been fairly young when he gave me this valentine because his signature looks pretty immature. They always had to get me cards for every occasion. Bob would take them to Target or the grocery store and help them pick out a card for mom. They could hardly stand it until I opened their cards. It was always quite an event. I have one more cute picture, djb

It's Valentine's Day today - the day before Andrew's birthday. Tomorrow, it will be 20 years since that big baby was born. It's not something you could ever forget considering that he weighed over 10 pounds!! Yikes! I'm putting in this valentine that Jarrett made for me. I think it's just too cute for words. I'm sure there are other cards around here. Let me go look for one from Andrew. see ya in a bit, djb

Friday, February 10, 2006

Here's the picture of Jarrett going down the railing at Casselberry Middle School. He practiced this for an hour or so. It was Christmas Eve and we were getting ready for the festivities at the Berg's house but he needed to expend some energy. It was fun. He loved doing this so much. The picture in the inset on the bottom is one I took of him on September 5, 2002 - Grandpa's first birthday after he died. Grandma's grief group told her to do the same thing this year (2002) that she had done last year (2001)...and that was a swimming party at our house! see ya, djb

This is Andrew posing for me in the driveway. I think he was going out golfing, so I told him to swing the club so I could take a picture of him. He just loved to play golf....especially driving the ball 300 yards down the fairway. It's one of my favorite memories of the older Andrew as compared to my various favorite memories of the young Andrew. The inset picture is his senior class picture. They had the kids go to a forest preserve and took them outdoors. Pretty good idea, I think. bye, djb

Thursday, February 02, 2006

In honor of Groundhog Day, I want to put a picture of Sable in here. This is one of my all-time favorites. You can just imagine what happened once I snapped the picture. Hobbes staring at Sable and Miss is just totally having a great time out of her cage and crawling on Jarrett's back. Basically, Andrew seems to be happily oblivious to it all. "Smile." bye bye, djb