Monday, August 17, 2009

Here's Gale and Gladys in August 1984 celebrating their 64th birthday at Sonja's house. That was 25 years ago. Isn't that something!! Love the blue and pink icing on their cake. pretty cute.
Monday, August 17, 2009 - Happy Birthday to the Twins!! This morning, I woke up to flashes of lightning before 5 a.m., so I got up to check on the weather on the WEATHER Channel. haha They have so many commercials and specials that I think they should call it the Occasional weather channel. Of course, they're loving it now because of the tropical storms.

As I've gone through my photos, I've found a few where the twins were actually in the same place at the same time on their birthday. This picture above is a little blurry but you can still tell who they are even though they're much younger with darker hair.

Have a nice day wherever you are. later, djb

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little bit past 1:36 p.m., the skies opened up and the wind blew like crazy and it rained until we got 1 and 1/4 inches of rain in about an hour. Oh boy!
Sunday, August 16, 2009 - A year ago, we had everyone here for Gladys and Gale's birthday. Can you imagine if we had weather like this??? Yikes!!

Nick (not Dr. Nick) came over to help me move the mulch over and under those evergreens on the right side of the driveway. It looks really nice -- I'll have to take a picture when it stops raining.

The blue thing is the solar cover for the pool -- I had to take it off when Stephan was here working on the deck. As you can plainly see, I didn't put it back yet. Shame on me.

Must be going now and going out to check on the damage to my flowers. We had quite a bit of wind and it broke the necks of some of the fragile coleus. It's very sad.

See ya later, djb

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Here's my cherry tomato plant that got blown over by a big wind one day. I thought it got broken but it kept on growing because it was still attached to the main stem. oh boy!

Yesterday, I harvested these three tomatoes off of the cherry tomato plant. If that isn't exciting and totally cool, I don't know what is. Awesome!
Saturday, August 8, 2009 - As I write these words, it's rainy, hazy and kind of dampish cool outside at about 8 a.m. We're supposed to get into the 90's this afternoon and tomorrow. Yikes!!!

As of this date, I don't hold out much hope for getting many full-sized tomatoes off of my plants that are growing in the driveway in their own flower pots and that hanging thing. It's been such a weird and wacky summer for trying to grow anything!!!! I'm still amazed that the cherry tomato plant was able to yield anything at all.

Although, the sweet potato vine that I've been growing for the past three summers is out of control. When freezing temperatures arrive, I trim it back, put it in the garage and apparently, it goes to sleep. Then, in the spring, it starts to sprout. It's actually getting kind of scary. boo!

Yes, you are right. I really should take a picture of it. Okay, I'll do that later.

My eye is bothering me, so I'm done here for now. see ya later, djb