Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here's Jarrett doing bunny ears, Andrew with his eyes covered and Karen and Krissy looking totally normal. They're standing on the deck outside our house here. This time, I notice that Andrew's blue and white shorts match the shirt he's wearing. He was famous for non-matching attire. bye for now, djb P.S. And Happy Birthday to Krissy

Since today is Krissy's birthday, I thought I'd put a picture in here of all the old timers and young timers. From left: Krissy, Bev holding Jarrett, Pappy, Karen, and Grandma holding Andrew. I'm not sure where Mammy is - maybe in the house. Of course, I'm taking the picture. Let me see what else I can pop in here.
later, djb

Friday, March 17, 2006

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO YOU!! Here's Bob with Jarrett and Andrew on St. Patrick's Day in 1989. I can tell that Jarrett's trying to squirm out of Bob's grasp. I'm not sure what Andrew is saying, but I'm going to guess, "hiiiiiiii." When they got older, they always loved the corned beef and cabbage. Isn't that interesting? Yes, I think so. One year, I made Irish soda bread. It's pretty dry, and you have to eat it when it's warm because after it cools off, it gets as hard as a rock. Maybe that's what they used for weapons!! haha faith and begorrah to ya, djb

Thursday, March 16, 2006

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY EVE! I didn't want to forget to put a picture on here tomorrow on St. Patrick's Day. This picture is so hilarious. I put the oxalis in the planter and then put the little leprechaun in front, and Hobbes climbed up there and sat right next to it. And if you know Hobbes, he NEVER did anything unless it was his idea. If it was your idea, he would sneer and hiss at you. Nice kitty. God bless the Irish and everyone who wears green tomorrow. And everyone else, too. Faith and begorrah, dj o'bergie

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Earlier, I put two pictures on here and they overlapped, so I'm still learning how to do this blog situation. This is a picture of all of us guys and our significant others. Of course, Marc was in the hospital, so he couldn't be here with us, however, he certainly was with us in spirit.

I'm having trouble with my other website. Yes, it has to do with the Loch Ness Monster. I've sent an urgent email to Yahoo. The reponse time is 4-6 hours. I hope they can help me! yikes, bye, djb

Saturday, March 11, 2006

This was the Embassy Suites hotel in Altamonte Springs. What a gorgeous place! It reminded me of some of the fabulous hotels we've stayed at over the years on the Eby trips. I especially loved the palm trees in the atrium lobby. Plus, there were little fountains and waterfalls, etc. We ate dinner here on Friday night at the Omaha Steakhouse. It could not have been nicer. Great service, delicious food, gigantic desserts!! That blonde brownie that my cousin, Bob, had was unbelievable. see ya later, gator, djb

We were all in Florida to celebrate the Berg's 60th anniversary at the end of Feburary. Here we are on Saturday night, February 25th standing on the steps at the hotel. Granny and Grandpa (are sitting in chairs), Donna, Diane, Alan, Steve, Ron, Dennis, Howard. It took us a while to get everyone situated because there was so much whining, you would think it was a bunch of 3 year olds. haha Surely I jest. No, not really. It was a fun time. Considering the fact that 5 of us are in our 50's, I don't think we look too crochety. The Bergs look fantastic. Of course, their water aerobics keeps them in tip top shape. I hope when I get to be old(er), I can be as energetic as they are. I have more pictures, so I'll put a few more in here. talk to you later, djb

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