Thursday, June 17, 2010

I think I took this picture of the boys' grave on Monday...or was it Tuesday. The flowers are looking very pretty and they do a great job keeping the grounds looking marvelous!
Thursday, June 17, 2020 - We've been having such wacky, rainy weather that I haven't been able to mow until yesterday. It only took about FIVE HOURS!!! The grass was so high, I had to mow some of it more than once. But today, it looks very nice. Storms are forecast tonight!!!!

Plus, I have the very thick orange TV and computer cable in the back yard waiting to be buried. So, that was a real pain -- moving it around so I didn't cut it and hurt Juanita.

This afternoon, Elliot came over looking for something to do. So, we cleaned out the boys' pond and I pulled about a thousand thistles out of the garden. Then, we pulled some more weeds out of there and after we get some rain tonight, tomorrow and the next day, I'm going to finish cleaning it and fill it with water and get a pump.

After we finally got all the leaves and water out of it, that's when I decided to give it one more try (I had planned to fill it in with dirt). Elliot's such a good worker, and we work so well together. Our grass plot we planted a while back is awesome. Now, I'm on track to get the rest of the garden free from weeds and looking gorgeous once again.

Gotta go. It's perfect weather here right now. I'm loving it. bye, djb


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