Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday, the gang was all here in Florida for Grandpa & Grandma's 65th wedding anniversary - even me!
Monday, February 28, 2011 - During this short month, I certainly accomplished and experienced a LOT in four short weeks.
We began the month with BLIZZARD warnings and had about 20 inches of snow on Groundhog's Day. As the month went on, we were all aware that my mom and dad were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on February 27th. Were we going to make it here -- or not?!
After numerous phone calls and a lot of yakking, I was the only one of us seven kids who wasn't going to be here until I talked to Dr. Lee last Monday, and she said, "why not?" And I said, OK, then.
I flew down with Denny and Avis on Friday, and it's been a whirlwind ever since. This morning, we leave to go back to Illinois but not before we pack our bags with not just our lightweight clothes but with wonderful, happy memories of a weekend of fun and reconnecting with one another.
And celebrating 65 years of wedded bliss with Grandpa and Granny. Those naysayers said it wouldn't last. But we're glad it did. And Diane is forever grateful that they moved to Florida back in the early 70's. (insert smiley face here)
We had a blast! Plus, the most amazing thing of all is that we all get along so well. It only took 60 years or so..... haha! That's a joke, kids.
There are tons of pictures to look at. I haven't seen them all yet but I will share them later. Gotta go drink some more coffee. bye for now, djb


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