Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here's the Shamrock plant (aka oxalis) that Julie brought over for me for St. Patrick's Day.
Saturday, March 17, 2012 (80 degrees). Happy O'Day

So, when Julie came over this afternoon and brought me the Happy St. Pat's Day balloon, she also had this oxalis plant for me. My other one had died, so this is perfect. Plus, it's SO healthy looking.

Not only did she do that, BUT, she asked me why I had so many cans of bug spray on my shelf in the garage. I started picking them up and seeing how much was left..... thing led to another and two hours later, Julie and I had filled two large garbage bags with crap that had been sitting on and stuffed in those shelves for years!!!

Now, that's a good friend. Someone who will go through your garbage with you and think that it's fun. WOW!!

It's so amazing and energizing to throw stuff out. Actually, I think we could have filled another bag. O'boy. see ya, O'djb

P.S. She also found a dead mouse behind the shelves and didn't blink twice before she tossed it in the bag. Amazing!


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